Blockade IMARC 2019 Zine

A small crew has been putting together a zine which documents dimensions, perspectives and experiences of last year’s Blockade. We’ve been collating contributions from far and wide and the zine features articles, art, advice, stories, photos, and much more!

On this page you can preview a few pages (see below) and sign up using the form below to receive a copy in the mail. The zine is free, but if you want to make a donation then we will pass it directly to the campaigns that Blockade IMARC fights for (see donation details below the form). Please be aware that in these times of COVID it may take anywhere between a week and a month or so to get it to you. If you have the ability to print some zines and deliver them in your local area please let us know on the form below so we can share the cost and distribution.

We are also offering fold-out A3 posters of two of the artworks featured in the zine, the cover artwork (at left) and the ‘Too Many Cops’ artwork (below). Please indicate in the form whether you’re keen on one or both of those to go with your zine order.

Finally, since Blockade IMARC 2020 (online) is fast approaching, please let us know in the form if and how you’d like to get involved!

If you have any questions or issues please get in touch:

Scroll down for your copy and more info!

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You can help spread the work and the word

All our work has been about bringing together stories and finding a way to share them. We’re hoping that through these stories you will feel empowered to take action, get out on the streets and take authentic action as a citizen of our community of resistance. And, if you have some spare coin throw it into this pile and we’ll use it to distribute our zine as well as share it around to the following organisations.

Australian Nuclear Free Alliance – show direct support for the organisers and communities who are preventing uranium mining and nuclear waste dumps

Frack Free Kimberley – provide campaign funds for the community in Kimberley to stop the fracking proposed for the region

LASNET – Support LASNET with a donation for their Melbourne office which has served as a home base for many activist organisations and radical events.

Free West Papua – support the international campaigners who are putting West Papua’s freedom on the world agenda

Thanks for any contributions you’re able to make!