1st August 2019 – Community activists to blockade IMARC

Sep 12, 2019 | Media

A huge meeting of students, climate and mining activists trade unionists, animal rights and other community activists voted on Sunday to organise a mass protest to shut down IMARC on 29 October.

“With the environment melting down, we need mass civil disobedience”, said spokesperson Sarah Garnham from the newly formed “Blockade IMARC” group. IMARC describes itself as “Australia’s largest mining event”, bringing some of the biggest climate polluters for what it calls “four days of learning, deal-making and unparalleled networking” supported by the Victorian State Government.

The blockade comes in the context of the recent school climate strikes and direct actions both locally and internationally, in response to government inaction on climate change.

“Land and water is being poisoned and plundered, Indigenous communities displaced, ecosystem destruction, killing humans and animals leading to massive species extinction – this system is designed to make a small elite rich at the expense of the global majority,” said spokesperson Marian Hart.

“Enough is enough,” said Ms Hart, she described the protest as ‘S11 for climate justice’, referring to the mass blockade that shut down the World Economic Forum at Crown Casino back in 2000.

The blockade will be organised alongside a community counter-conference with workshops, family activities, film screenings and events on topics of sustainable development and climate justice.

Garnham and Hart from Blockade IMARC are available for comment.