What is IMARC

The International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) is Australia’s largest mining event, happening from 31st January – 2nd February 2022 in Melbourne. The conference is where some of the biggest mining, investment and tech companies make plans and sign deals to rip massive holes in land, pollute our water and air, and spout lies about ‘green mining.’   

But land, water and life aren’t theirs to buy and sell. Our goal is to undermine, disrupt, and shut IMARC down.

Here are some reasons to Blockade IMARC

Horrible companies that have caused a lot of destruction are going to be there, including – among others:

  • OceanaGold

Destroying country in Didipio, Philipines as communities try to stop it, among many other destructive projects. For more info search for Philippines Australia Solidarity Association – PASA

  • BHP

One of the world’s largest mining companies which has committed countless atrocities around the world. For more info go to BHP in South America, information from the London Mining Network, resistance to the BHP mine on Kokatha Country, South Australia, and the old BHPBilliton watch website.

  • Fortescue Metals (FMG)

Has shown blatant disregard to traditional owners of the lands of which they operate. FMG Chairman Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest has also refused to rule out destroying traditional Aboriginal sacred sites, while his ‘charitable’ foundation, the Minderoo Foundation, has been accused of dodgy and unethical practices.  FMG has also admitted that its suppliers were at risk of having modern slavery. FMG is also a major perpetuator of greenwashing and the ‘green mining’ myth.

  • VIMY

Information coming soon!

  • MMG

Information coming soon!

IMARC plays a huge part in the greenwashing that tries to say we can mine our way out of the climate crisis (which makes mining companies a lot richer and continues to destroy land, water and life). For more info read the ‘Green mining is a myth’ report by FoE Europe, or go check out YLNM’s “On The Frontlines of Lithium Exctraction“.

IMARC perpetuates extractivist thinking and action – “Extractivism is an economic and developmental model fuelled by the unsustainable exploitation of Nature- from metals, minerals and fossil fuels to land, water and humans. This model is enabled by the ideological assumption that the Earth, less powerful people, and other-than-human life are resources to be exploited for the benefit of more powerful humans, without limit or consequence.”  The definition is derived from The Gaia Foundation’s position in Beyond Extractivism.