Blockade IMARC

Blockade IMARC alliance fights for land, water, and life.

The International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) destroys them.

Bring your voice, creativity and solidarity to stand with us against IMARC

a deep barren bleak mining pit

What Is IMARC?

Protesters holding banners with the Aboriginal Flag and a Sign saying "Stop Destroying Sacred Sites"

How to Get Involved

We fight for an end to extractivism, the process of large scale mining for export that is rooted in colonisation and imperialism.

We fight against the mindset that IMARC represents: the mindset that disregards communities and the environment in favour of profits and growth. We believe there are alternatives to the structural exploitation fuelled by competition and greed that exists today.

Our strength is in our unity, we are more powerful when we work together.

We are a diverse collective with different cultures, political ideologies, class backgrounds, ages, abilities, and identities. If we are going to end destructive mining practices together then we have to embrace, accommodate and collaborate with each other.

We behave with respect for different tactics, theories of change and theories of power. We encourage respectful robust discussions about differences. We recognise that different affinity groups will have different approaches to disrupting the conference and that in our diversity lies strength.

Latest Updates

Zine: We have a world to win!

  Our zine is here: download and print on mass!   Blockade IMARC is thrilled to share our zine with you all again. All our work has been about bringing together stories of resistance and finding the ways to share them. The zine collates the creative...

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All events are FREE to attend, but we strongly encourage those who can to please consider signing up to Pay the Rent to First Nations peoples and organisations on the lands where you live.