27 August 2019 – Yarra Council and Vic Greens endorse Blockade IMARC

Sep 12, 2019 | Media

Activists planning a mass blockade of the giant International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) in Melbourne in late October have been given a boost with two significant endorsements in the past fortnight.

The inner-city Yarra City Council approved a motion at its regular meeting on Tuesday 13 August, moved by long time socialist councillor Stephen Jolly, to “note its support” for both the School Strike for Climate on September 20, and the protest at the IMARC conference from 28 to 31 October.

This was followed over the weekend by the State Executive of the Victorian Greens endorsing the protest at IMARC.

Quotes attributable to Stephen Jolly, socialist councillor for Yarra:

“It’s fantastic that, over the past year, thousands of young people have shown they’re prepared to take mass, disruptive action in support of radical measures to tackle the growing climate emergency. I’m hoping that thousands of people from all walks of life will gather in Southbank to blockade this gathering of climate criminals at IMARC, and hopefully shut it down.”

Quotes attributable to Colleen Hartland, Co-Convenor of the Australian Greens Victoria:

“From the Franklin Blockade to the campaign against Adani, the Greens have always seen a role for mass civil disobedience in bringing about change. The School Strikes for Climate, the Extinction Rebellion phenomenon, and now the planned protests at the IMARC conference in late October, are all part of continuing that tradition of resistance. We’re happy to add our endorsement to this important protest.”

Quotes attributable to Marian Hart, spokesperson for the Blockade IMARC Alliance:

“The IMARC conference brings together the biggest fossil fuel companies in this country and the world. Companies that profit from dispossession and genocide of Indigenous people, from Aboriginal land to Indonesia to Latin America, will be gathering there. Companies responsible for the deaths of workers, mass extinction and animal species loss, and the devastation of our planet for the short-term luxury of a few, will be there. And so will thousands of ordinary people, raising our voices against this destruction for profit, and building alternatives to this insane and suicidal system. Water is more precious than gold!”

Quotes attributable to Emma Black, spokesperson for the Blockade IMARC Alliance:

“We’re planning a massive, vibrant protest against the corporate climate criminals and mining company spin doctors who will be gathering at IMARC. We’ve only just started to get word out about this protest, and already we’re getting strong support from across the community. We’re going all out to make this blockade a massive display of solidarity against some of the most vicious companies on the planet.”


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