IMARC postponed—but extractivism continues

Jan 17, 2022 | Media

The annual International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC), Australia’s largest gathering of destructive extractivist companies, has been cancelled for a second time on ‘health and safety grounds’ as the recent rapid spread of COVID-19 continues.

The Blockade IMARC Alliance welcomes this announcement as, ostensibly, indicating that event organisers are prioritising the health and safety of attendees.

It’s unfortunate that, despite this iteration of IMARC having been cancelled, the health and safety of this planet and all life upon it will continue to be disregarded by the reckless practices of the extractivist companies comprising the would-be attendees of IMARC.

Whichever dates IMARC is rescheduled for, the Blockade IMARC Alliance will be present to disrupt the event, to stand against extractivist industries, and to fight for land, water, and life.