17 NOVEMBER 2020 – Building a World Beyond Mining and Extractivism

Nov 17, 2020 | Media

17 NOVEMBER 2020 – Building a World Beyond Mining and Extractivism

17 November 2020

Beyond Mining: Protecting Land, Water and Life, 22–29 November 2020

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MELBOURNE | The Blockade IMARC alliance is holding an electrifying one-week counter-conference in opposition to the annual International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC).

The counter-conference aims to hold the mining industry to account for its role in the theft of land and dispossession of First Nations peoples. It will also draw attention to the industry’s violation of human and labour rights and in stoking conflict and destroying the planet and its ecosystem.

Natalie Lowrey, Beyond Mining conference spokesperson stated, “By centering the protection of our planet’s natural resources, peoples and their cultures, the Beyond Mining gathering will educate the general public about these destructive practices. We will also offer ways forward by proposing alternatives to the current profit-driven extractivism model that dominates our economic narrative.”

“This counter-conference will be truly global and will platform speakers from across Australia, Mongolia, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, India, Eritrea, Philippines, West Papua, Latin America and Papua New Guinea. The program will include workshops, panel discussions, podcasts and movies.”

The counter-conference is organised by a group from the larger Blockade IMARC alliance and will build on growing resistance to extractivism and the annual IMARC conference.

“Elders, land defenders, activists and experts from across Australia and the world will be able to connect, share stories and build global solidarity. It will be a week of non-stop noise and protest.”

In 2019 around 500 protesters successfully blockaded the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) and drew global attention to the destructive practices of many of the 400 companies that participated in the conference.

Beyond Mining: Protecting Land, Waterand Life begins on Sunday 22 November at 11am with an Acknowledgement of Country and Smoking Ceremony

Conference program:

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Natalie Lowrey, 0421 226 200
Apsara Sabaratnam: 0407 817 559
Marisol Salinas (Spanish): 0422 455 331


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