23 September 2019 – Darebin council endorses ‘Blockade IMARC’

Sep 30, 2019 | Media

23 September 2019 – Darebin council endorses ‘Blockade IMARC’

Darebin Council has just joined the councils of Moreland and Yarra, along with the Victorian Greens and growing numbers of unions and organisations in unanimously passing a resolution to endorse the upcoming ‘Blockade IMARC’ action – a community blockade of the International Mining and Resources Conference being held in Melbourne from 28th – 31st October 2019. The resolution was moved by Cr McCarthy and Cr Williams who also commended the organisers of the recent School Strike 4 Climate and stated that Darebin Council, “…supports the right of anyone who lives or works in Darebin to participate in these protests and other acts of non-violent civil disobedience”. Councillors noted that the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 expressly protects and promotes the rights to assembly and expression. Darebin Council addressed Premier Daniel Andrews requesting that he join Darebin Council in acknowledging, “the non-violent and inclusive nature of these planned protests and ensur[ing] that the Victoria Police response is at all times non-violent and consistent with the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities.” Jacob Andrewartha, media spokesperson for the Blockade IMARC collective, commended Darebin Council for their support and joined with Darebin Council in calling for Victoria Police to respect the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities and refrain from using violence against community members participating in civil disobedience.

CONTACTS Trent McCarthy – Councillor for Darebin, Trent.McCarthy@vic.greens.org.au

Jacob Andrewartha – Blockade IMARC collective Mobile: 0458 958 385

Marian Hart – Blockade IMARC collective Mob: 0413 112 019

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