So you want to resist the destruction of the planet? A how-to organise guide!

Aug 15, 2022 | Uncategorized

Why resist IMARC and extractivism

As the largest mining gathering in Australia,  the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) brings global mining, investment and tech executives together in one room. Together they conspire to figure out the best ways they can buy and sell land and water that isn’t theirs to own or destroy. 

We seek to enact change by standing up to mining and extractive industries in our own backyard, creating and building communities of resistance, and supporting international struggles. In order to build the world we want to see we need to disrupt the infrastructure that causes so much harm. We join together with frontline communities across the world to dance, share, blockade, build, heal, yell and celebrate resistance.

When ordinary people stand up to protect land, water and life, real change can happen.

In 2022, IMARC is taking place at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICC) Sydney from November 2nd-4th.

Examples of real alternatives to extractivism

We fight extractivism knowing that real alternatives exist. In order to have thriving communities and ecosystems, we don’t need to treat the earth and human and non-human life as property to be exploited. Each time you share what you have, grow/harvest your own food, step up to stop destruction, you’re being part of our post-extractive future. 

We want our resistance to be infused with these real alternatives. We know that it’s impossible to live a perfect post-extractivist life while we’re enmeshed in our current profit-driven economy. So, we try our best, and keep discussing, promoting and living these alternatives.

An Invitation for Dialogue has been developed, which outlines a number of examples and ideas of alternatives to extractivism, being enacted by individuals, communities and governments. Have a read, be inspired, and bring your critique.

How to resist

Form an affinity group – 

This work/play can be more fun in a group! Find people who want to act and discuss what you want to do. Deciding how often you want to meet and what you want to focus on is a good first step

What are affinity groups?

An affinity group is a small group of people who come together to prepare for and take direct action. They make decisions together, and support each other during and after action. Sometimes these groups are formed just for one action, but often they are ongoing groups that organise and take part in actions over a number of years.

The ‘affinity’ between people in the group is something that they have in common. In general, people in an affinity group will be focused on taking action on the same issues, and share aims and tactics. Some affinity groups may also be structured around something else you have in common, such as living in the same place, or sharing a particular skill (e.g. action medics).

Affinity groups are often organised along the principles of non-hierarchy and autonomy. This means that decisions are made directly within the group by all its members, and responsibility and power is shared so that everyone has an equal voice.

Read more about affinity groups at – 

Educate yourself and others – 


Resisting ‘Green’ Extractivism by Alice Seedling –

Why we don’t make demands – Crimethinc – 

Blockade IMARC 2019 zine – 

Green mining is a myth report – 

We can’t mine our way out of climate crisis, article in the Ecologist by Hannibal Rhoades and Andy Whitmore, 25th May 2021- 

Chain reaction (Friends of the Earth Australia magazine) edition on post extractivism – link coming soon

Aidwatch Australia website and resources –  


The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (2006) – 

Plan your involvement

Think about how you want to occupy the physical space around the ICC Sydney in November, and/or how you want to contribute to the narrative against IMARC. There are many things your group can do – blockade, hold a dance party, make art, organise a local discussion, spam mining companies on social media, write articles and submit them to news outlets and so much more.

Spread the word:

Put up posters! 

Promote the 2022 Counter Conference (see Blockade IMARC on facebook for updates)

Listen to and share our podcast from the 2020 IMARC Counter Conference

Run your own event about extractivism and IMARC:

It could be a discussion circle based on one of the resources above, or an art making session, or a fundraiser event.

There are heaps of resources on running events here: 

Contact if you want any support!

Facilitation tips 

Some groups make decisions through informal chats, and others might want to hold facilitated meetings to make sure ideas, tactics and actions are planned efficiently and effectively.

For tips on facilitating meetings go to