Blockade IMARC, 25-27 October 2021 – What could you bring to resist IMARC and build alternatives?


Join us and get skilled up in Tech & Comms for Blockade IMARC 2021.

If you are interested in learning WordPress, social media strategy, digital security and other tech and comms skills contact us as we will be running training and skill-ups over the coming months

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What could you bring to resist IMARC and build alternatives in 2021

Start having conversations with your fellow protectors, campaigners and trouble-makers to dream big about what you can bring to Blockade IMARC, 25-27 October 2021!

Maybe a dance session, join the medic collective, run a workshop, write up a piece for the newspaper, hold a discussion with people you know about what extractivism is and how we can live instead.

Send us your ideas and questions, we can organise workshops, send you resources and offer you many more different kinds of support.

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